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Filling Memory the Night Before

Developing Good Study Habits

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We all know it is wrong, yet we all do it every once in awhile. Many studies have shown that it does not have as many benefits as doing it in the morning, but people still do it during finals season. Although cramming for the exams the night before is not the smartest idea, our guilt does not rest and tries to make up for all our procrastinating throughout the year. It takes courage to be glued to the chair for multiple hours throughout the night to grab some knowledge we missed during classes. If you are one of the brave, but desperate ones who decide to pull an “all nighter”,  there are several tips to help keep you focused and awake.

    1. Take breaks.  Sitting at one place for so long will definitely make you extremely tired, but taking a 10-15 minute break every hour or so can help your body, but mainly your brain, get the tiniest bit of rest. During these breaks, do not give in to temptation of your comfortable bed, so get up and shake your body a bit. Do one of those embarrassing solo concerts we all do when we are alone, followed by ridiculous dance moves we do while performing our song to the walls. It is just enough body movement to keep you from falling asleep.


  • Cold water > coffee. Everyone is familiar with the magical effects of one cup of this hot drink, but caffeine works for a certain amount of time before it catches up to us, causing our body to crash and make us tired in the middle of the next day. It does more harm than good. Instead, drink a lot of cold water and wash your face with cold water during every break.
  • It is all in your head. Just like in many situations, our attitude decides whether we will succeed in something or not, and studying is no different. Keeping a positive attitude and mindset will boost your determination and will keep you going. Tell yourself you can do it and reward yourself after every chapter or lesson you learn.
  • Know your limits. Sometimes our body cannot handle the mental pressure of staying up for so long, and that is totally fine. Once you feel like that you can not do it anymore, you should not force yourself to stay up, just go to sleep. In fact, even that short time of sleep can help your body regain some energy it lost the previous night.
  • Environment is the key. When staying up all night and going against your body’s sleep cycle, the environment you study in is very important. Avoid studying in bed because falling asleep in that situation is inevitable. Make sure your window is open so the fresh air can come in your room. Keep the room well-lit to keep you away from falling asleep. Your study environment should make it hard for you to fall asleep because of the lights and cold air circulating through the room.


It is important to add that “all nighters” should be considered as a last resort when there are no other options left. After successfully cramming for a test or exam, make sure you do not do the same thing again anytime soon. Your body has already been through enough so there is no reason to torture yourself even more. Keep in mind that after the exam it is very unlikely for you to remember most of the things you studied the night before. Be smarter next time and study early on so that you will not have to read any articles of this kind again.

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Filling Memory the Night Before