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Exchange Student Confidential #1

Things That I Do Not Understand About America

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I have only been in the United States for two months, but there have been several things that caught my attention in a matter of days after landing from Southeastern Europe. I was pleasantly surprised with all the kindness people have been showering me with ever since I got here. I have also developed an unhealthy obsessive relationship with strawberry Pop Tarts. However, I could not help but notice several things that still confuse me.

Everybody knows that one person that is always cold, even if it is burning hot outside. Chances are, that person is an exchange student coming from Europe. I do not understand why it is so cold everywhere; school, home, restaurants, and supermarkets to name a few. Nobody feels so hot that he or she has the need to leave the AC turned on all the time. Even on the warm days, you can still see me wearing an extra layer of clothing inside.

When I went to the first fast food restaurant, I fell in love with all of the greasy, tasty food that they make. Although my face never had more acne pop out, I did not care. One thing was on my mind: free refills. I am not used to paying a dollar for a drink and being able to have as many drinks as my stomach pleases. Drinks in Europe are much smaller and free refills are practically nonexistent. If I end up with diabetes, I will say that it was worth it.

Every morning I walk to school, since I live nearby, and every morning I am waiting for one of the drivers to show me mercy and let me cross the road. After several cars pass by, some car will always stop. While waiting to cross the road, I cannot help but notice how many teenagers drive. I still cannot get used to seeing teenagers drive. Every morning I see teenagers with their heads barely above the wheel driving to school.

Another thing that confuses me is the measuring system. Feet, miles, inches, pounds, ounces, and fahrenheit are on top of my daily google search history. Every day I convert those measures online. Dear America, please switch to metric system; the whole world is begging you.

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