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RAM Prices Get Rammed Up by Inflation

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If you’re looking to build a custom PC on a budget, you may need to cope with short term memory loss in order to keep costs low. Digital RAM, specifically DDR4 model RAM, is seeing a sharp spike in cost as of recent. This is due to the fact that, in a vein similar to the crypto mining craze bringing video card prices up, it has recently become commonplace for a smartphone manufacturing company to install DDR4 ram inside their newest model smartphone. This increased demand has caused ram prices to skyrocket. A check on reveals the price of the cheapest 8gb stick, with 8gb being a prevalent standard in all competent PC builds, to cost a whopping 64 dollars.

So what do we do now? The options are to cut costs on other parts so that we can afford those sweet 8 gigs, or to buy less, lower quality RAM. Web browsing, especially on Google Chrome, is known to have a nasty habit of eating up RAM, so multiple tabs on a low RAM computer will make it run very slow.

So what will happen next? Either prices will neutralize once competitors begin offering cheaper RAM for better sales, smartphones and PCs will start using different RAM models again, or we’ll simply have to deal with increased RAM prices as it solidifies itself as one of the more expensive parts of a computer. You can help bring RAM prices down by buying cheap, which will encourage other brands to lower their prices so that they can keep selling.

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RAM Prices Get Rammed Up by Inflation